Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making Everyday Special

When I think back to childhood I really admire the way my mom always took the time to make everyday special.  For example, there were always homemade sweets in the kitchen for us after school.  So as I began to think about this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make an effort to make everyday things in my home special.  Maybe it’s putting out flowers or candles to celebrate the season… or something this easy, as taking your desserts and making them centerpieces.

Now, I’ve said before on Saturday Daybreak that I’m sort of a kitchen menace, which is why I really admire the skill of bakers who turn sugar and flour into works of art.  Here we have some beautifully designed cupcakes by a new bakery in Little Rock, Sweet Love.  You don’t need a lot to fill up a beautiful vintage milk glass cake plate like this…

And over here, I have to show off these amazing confections by Ariel’s Cake Pops also in Little Rock.  I filled three champagne glasses with M&M’s and then pushed the cake pop sticks into the M&M’s to support them. 

Now over here we have a faux wood cake stand which is just so much fun, and I can tell you, I’m itching to make some homemade cake stands out of timber on our family’s farm. 

The bottom line is this, take everyday objects and use them.  How great to have these confections out as a centerpiece at dinner time or on a sideboard, countertop or buffet.  They are so beautiful they should be enjoyed just as much as traditional table top d├ęcor such as flowers and candles. 

Now we are coming up on Valentine’s Day and obviously sweet treats from Ariel’s Cake Pops or Sweet Love Bakery would make ideal gifts, but if you’re looking for something a little different, how about a spring photoshoot with your loved one?  I can sure hook you up!  This spring I’ll be doing a series of 30-minute mini-shoots in locations across Central Arkansas. 

This would be a great gift for a newly engaged couple or, maybe you’re looking for a way to pop the question—do it on a photoshoot and let me capture the moment for you.  If you contact me through my website and mention KATV I’ll give you $25 off the cost of a mini-shoot.  Just contact me at for this special deal.      

Featured in my Saturday Daybreak segment are:
Sweet Love Bakery in Little Rock- Cupcakes
Arie's Cake Pops in Little Rock- Cake Pops
M. Eisele Events in Benton- Use of faux wood cake stand
Karma Herzfeld- Use of milk glass items (she says she picks up items at resale shops such as Habitat for Humanity of Saline County's ReStore shop)

Photography Special:
Interested in obtaining a gift certificate for a spring mini-shooot?  Remember to mention KATV and contact me through for $25 off.  Mini-shoots are ideal gifts for engaged couples or would be a fun way to pop the question on a photoshoot.  Mom's love the mini-shoots too because they are only 30 minutes.