Thursday, October 21, 2010

What to Wear

I'm the first to admit that I am no fashionista (seriously) but I am often asked for my expert opinion about what to wear in photos.  Coming from a video media background I alway advise against small prints or busy fabrics.  In video these can pixilate and while that is certainly less of a problem in digital photography you are still dealing with distracting fabrics that take away from the subject in the photo.  That's why I tend to recommend bold solids and less busy patterns as well as items that bring texture into the photo such as denim jackets and sweaters.

If there is more than one subject in the photo I suggest you pick clothing that is all in the same color family and perhaps one person's fabric could be the starting point.  For example, below, this is the York family (and yes, mom-Erica is a fashionista who owns a children's clothing company called Ella Couture).  See how the older girl's shirt ties everyone together with its mix of black, white and gray.  I also love how the family mixed classic elements such as jeans and plaid with more modern and sassy pieces like the younger daughter's fluffy petti-skirt and the mom's ankle boots.

When it comes to engagement and couple photos you should think about complimenting one another as well as your background (or in some cases how you want to contrast your background if going for that modern v. rustic look).  This is Stacy and Todd, below, and I liked how their clothing choices brought color and texture into the photo while complimenting one another and also the fall foliage.

Props-- yes, no, maybe?  I enjoy having props to fall back on especially with kids.  Cowboy hats are a favorite of mine!  But really it's about what is an organic addition to the picture.  If shooting pics of a young child you might want to add in their favorite toy because, after all, it's about who they are at this moment in time.

But most of all, when you come to a photo shoot with me dress for fun!  If your clothes are too tight or your shoes hurt it's hard to get a natural smile.  If you want those 3" heels in the shot bring them along and change into them when we get you set up.  Because, as you can see from the below photo of young Harrison, we usually do some walking and getting silly and sometimes we are even known to do some running and jumping.

Hope these tips help you pick out the perfect outfit for your next photo shoot with


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