Monday, October 18, 2010

Love & Marriage

I've been looking forward to the month of October since the spring.  Not just because I love the fall and all of the rich colors that make photographs pop but because I was contracted to help my friend Polly Hartley with so many weddings (Polly owns Simply Digital and Heart Shot Photography studios in Central Arkansas and I often work as her second or back up

I didn't realize that I had so many wedding photos in my files from 2010 until today when I went to upload a few to my website.  Wow!  I had so many shots that I love that had to divide out the engagements from the weddings-- you can see the work under "Love Stuff" and "Wedding Stuff" at in the Mandy's Photo section... or you can get a preview here in this post. 

This was a beautiful wedding (above) and that vintage car can be rented out by contacting Distinctive Designs by Tanarah in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Tanarah's husband restored it and serves as chauffeur.

The guys and I called this the "Abby Road" shot.  In fact, this group of groomsmen really got, er, into the "swing" of things and enjoyed putting together this golf inspired photo (below). 


I enjoy so much being a second photographer on these shoots because I get to focus on the detail shots that help to tell the story of a bride's special day-- like the bouquet above and the rosary that the bride carried with her down the aisle.  Thanks to the confidence I've gotten working with Polly, I've started to photograph small weddings on my own and it is so rewarding to see the finished project and to know that you've captured incredible memories for a family.      

Up next... updating the many family and children photos I've taken this year so stay tuned for more progress from the photography front.


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