Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mac Attack

I've spent the past few days learning to navigate my new Mac Book Pro (an early Christmas gift from my parents-- thanks, mom and dad).  There were times when I questioned my logic for converting from PC but at the end of yesterday with my first project complete I think I finally feel good about the switch.  In fact, once I got all the photo editing software and actions installed plus the photos moved to the proper folders the actual editing time was greatly increased.  Hallelujah!  This is good news since has a most busy weekend in the Hot Springs area taking photos for five different families (looking forward to seeing y'all and enjoying this great weather).

The mail runs late at my house so if I am expecting something in the post the day is usually filled with a sort of anticipation.  However yesterday was just an ordinary mail day with one pleasant surprise tucked between political ads and bills.  A few months back a very sweet family asked me to do some photos at my friend Casi's farm.  The mother couldn't pick which photos were her favorites and so I ended up doing a great deal of extra editing.  I didn't expect to be paid for it, I was just trying to be helpful, but this kind woman sent me a check anyway and it came on a day when I really needed to know that my work was appreciated.  Thank you, Tami Threet!  Below are a few photos from the Threet's shoot that I just love because they capture the western spirit that the family was looking for at the farm.

Now, I write about Tami's kindness to say that what may seem like a small act to you may actually be an enormous boost to someone else.  I encourage you to follow the lead of this charming woman and do something nice for someone today-- or as my mom would say "bless someone."  Maybe it is simply reaching out over Facebook or sending an email to a friend you haven't spoken to in some time, maybe it's making cookies for your office or rolling your neighbors garbage can from the curb to the driveway... whatever act of kindness you choose I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Very encouraging Mandy! And I still love, love those pictures! Great family. Good luck this weekend. It sounds busy, but a good busy. I'll see Polly this weekend for a wedding - had meant to ask you if you were going to be her sidekick but it sounds like you're booked!