Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Valentine's Day Wish

This Valentine's Day I won't be thinking about chocolate hearts or roses, I will be thinking about my uncle, Steve Lane, Sr., a father, grandfather, businessman, and a regular guy who is now facing the fight of his life.  That's why I am asking you to send a special Valentine this year to Uncle Steve by  making a $1 (or greater) donation to Steve's Chain of Hope. 

I saw Uncle Steve last spring at a baby shower for my cousin, Whitney.  Part of my contribution to the party was taking photos for my family since so many of us were together.  Uncle Steve had come up from Texas to this event so that he could see his sisters and mother. His brother, Joe, was serving in Iraq at the time and everyone was very aware of how important the bonds of family are knowing that Joe was in danger on a daily basis. Joe came home safely a few months later but what no one knew during the baby shower, not even Uncle Steve, was that Steve was also fighting an enemy: Cancer. 

Steve Lane is no stranger to hard work and long hours so when he started to feel a little run down both Steve and his doctors initially thought it just a normal reaction to stress and his body fighting off different common ailments like a stomach bug or a cold. However, as Steve’s condition worsened his doctors became concerned and started running tests. His kidneys were failing and his body shutting down. As more and more tests were preformed over two weeks it was determined that Steve has Blood Plasma Cancer (Multiple Myeloma) that has metastasized to the bones (Bone Cancer) and Kidney Cancer (End Stage Renal Disease or ESRD Stage 5).

Uncle Steve is a businessman who owns a catering company in Longview, Texas, and works as much as his condition allows; still, at the end of 2010, Steve’s “past due” medical bills rose to more than $100,000. Steve says that although the prognosis is not good, survivability is much better with a Stem Cell and Kidney Transplant. Each transplant costs $250,000 or more.  

Until a transplant is possible, Steve is on a routine of dialysis and chemotherapy. He is being treated in both Longview and in Dallas at Baylor Medical Center and will soon be making a visit to Little Rock's UAMS. 

Part of Steve’s disease is called Light Chain Type K with 17th Chromosome Destruction which is why we are forming a “Chain of Hope.” Please send your prayers, your thoughts and good wishes as well as your financial contribution and become a link in Steve’s Chain of Hope.  Thank you!!  

Visit the website and learn more by clicking the below link:

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