Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Everything Old IS New Again

Today, a journey has begun.  OK, it began some time ago, I just diverted course for a bit and now I'm back with renewed focus and determination.

Around Mother's Day, I started working part time for a local business, and then three days became five-six days and the hours started getting longer and longer.  As much as I enjoyed this new opportunity, it did not fit well with my family or other commitments I had made in my life.  So yesterday was the last day with that wonderful company, although I did request that they call me from time-to-time to help with big projects/events.  I made many friends and learned a lot, mostly about myself and how I need to prioritize better.  

So many people have asked, "What now?"  Well, it's a return to what I was doing before, focusing on my family, volunteer work and my photography.  My husband and I are working on house plans and dreaming of the place we want to build together which is a lovely diversion.  I go to bed at night walking the house and decorating each room, trying out different color schemes until I see the right one in my minds eye.  

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and when I reflect on what I am truly thankful for this year, it really boils down to family.  My parents, in-laws, husband, son, brother, brother in law, and two wonderful sisters in laws, nephews, grandparents, my cousins, aunts and uncles, and so many more.

Anthony and I at Clear Creek Farm, November 2012,
preparing for his 9th birthday party
There's also the family that we adopt in life, those lovely friends who seem to know when to say the right thing to lift your spirits.  Who show up unannounced and help when they aren't asked.  For them, I am so very thankful this year, especially my "PTA Sisters" who have been amazing.

I'm thankful too for The Farm, the property on which we plan to build, where I see my son thrive in nature and where I'm inspired constantly.  It belongs to our family and that alone makes it a special place.  I love seeing the mosses and twigs on the forest floor, the berries and evergreens bordering the pathways we have carved out in the wild, hearing the rush of water in the creek, and always the changing of seasons which make such incredible natural backdrops.  It takes my breath away to think that one day this setting will be outside my door.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with family and friends.


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